Friday, 24 May 2024

How to Understand That the Essay Writing Service Is Reliable

There are many essay writing services on the market. This is because from the outside it seems very easy to create one. The creator only needs the site with the form for an order. But if online service for ordering academic papers really includes just these two things, it is bad service. It can not give any guarantees that your essay will be done well or at least will be done.

The company can be counted as professional only when it can prove its achievements. That is why you can trust only facts and numbers and do not rely on the beautiful site.

Let’s see the main factors you should take into account. The writing service will be an example.

The year of the Service Creation

The Year of the service creation shows how much time the company is on the market. Young companies often do not give this information. But you can try to find it by yourself. For example, check the date of the website creation. You can do it by using special services. The flaw of this plan is that the site can be created earlier than the company, or the company might have another website before.

Some companies tell customers this information on the main page of the website. Usually, such companies have solid experience, so they know this is their competitive advantage. These services are the most reliable.

FastEssay was created in 2015. The team has 7 years of experience. They set this information on the site, but the site started only in 2016.

The Number of Completed Orders

The number of completed orders also shows the experience of the service. Because one company can work 20 years and do 5,000 orders and the other one will do 1,000 orders only for 10 years. It is easy to guess which company is more experienced.

The information about completed orders is harder to find than the date of site creation. If the company does not provide it, you can focus only on reviews and other related parameters.

The team of Fast Essay does not hide the number of completed orders. It has more than 900,000 academic papers, including essays, thesis, and assignments.

The Average Quality Score

The average quality score is the mark service has for its work. This number is fully up to customers. They can leave the reviews and evaluate each completed paper through the internal system of service or use external sites, like SiteJabber. uses both options. They have an internal system of evaluation and a special section of the site for review. The average quality score of the service is 4,87/5. This score matches the mark Excellent.

The Number of Writers and Disciplines They Cover

This parameter is much more complex than previous ones. Because with the score and experience simple ligament works: the bigger — the better. With the number of writers and disciplines the same, but only if both the number of writers and the number of disciplines are big enough; or the number of writers is bigger than the number of disciplines; and also if writers are qualified enough.

To understand this, let’s look closer.

  • The number of writers is important because the bigger it is—the more possible some of them will take your order immediately and do it well and on time.
  • The number of disciplines is important because the more diverse the choice of disciplines — the more possible that writers can do your order perfectly, even if it is complex and narrowly focused.
  • If the number of disciplines is much bigger than the number of writers, one writer specializes in too many disciplines.
  • If the writers are not qualified enough, even if there are a lot of them, they will not be able to do their job well.

So, it is the hardest factor to evaluate. But it will be easy for you  if you research other factors first. has 400+ writers in the team. They cover 80+ disciplines.