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How to Choose the Perfect Essay Writing Service

How to Choose the Perfect Essay Writing Service

Between work, studying, and social life, a student’s life is quite booked. The schedule can become even more crowded if you add the hours for physical activity or training as an intern. Hence, there’s very little time left for lengthy essays. Nonetheless, teachers still assign papers regularly and use them to settle for a grade.

But how is a busy student supposed to handle that much work? Many people stay up late to work on assignments, even after a long day of work, training, and studying. However, reducing sleep and eventually picking up bad habits sets the scene for burnout and other mental health issues.

So, students have found better ways to cope with written assignments: online services. Students have fewer worries and can concentrate on other projects for a small price. They can also spend time with family and friends. Meanwhile, someone else takes care of their college papers. This solution reduces stress and guarantees that you can deliver your essays in time without compromising on the quality.

Nonetheless, if you want a top-notch paper, you might wish to pick the best and most convenient service. Let’s see how you can choose the right essay service for you.

Check the prices and payments

When writing an original paper, you can’t expect to pay almost 0$. The writer spent a lot of time working on it: research, writing, editing, and more. So, they can’t just gift it to you. At the same time, some papers are overpriced even though the quality isn’t premium.

When you check the financial aspect of the site, you should check the payment methods. Make sure that they are a legit site and that you can safely pay. Also, make sure that they have a payback guarantee in case something happens.

Then, check the prices. The average price per page is 20$, but it depends on a couple of things:

  • Due date
  • Type of paper
  • Double or single spacing
  • Number of sources
  • Number of words and pages
  • Additional services like premium, Vip treatment, or other things.

Based on the services you require, your price might double. But remember that you’re paying for quality, so it’s money well-spent.

Last but not least, revisions, editing, and proofreading should be all in the price. So, your writer shouldn’t charge you extra for these tasks.

Browse for good writers

Each writer is unique. So, every writer will have a different style. Moreover, every writer is specialized in a particular field. So, before you decide on a site, try to browse for good writers.

After you type a query, such as “write my essay,”, or “essays to buy,” trust your gut feeling. If the site seems unworthy, be sure there are reasons your intuition picked up before your brain.

A site with an old or generic interface with flashy ads might not be reliable. Moreover, if their writers look like they’re not real, the site might be a scam.

On the other hand, a good site lets you contact the writers, and their profiles are genuine. Also, each writer’s description is detailed and displays the studies, experience, and age of each employee. In addition, they might have a few examples of their work accessible through a link.

When you pick the site, ensure you already have some candidates for your paper according to your requirements.

analyse information about your assignment

Lastly, before you place an order, make sure you have the following information about your assignment:

  • Due date
  • Topic
  • Subject area
  • Formatting requirements
  • Tone requirements
  • Bibliography requirements
  • Sources requirements
  • Style requirements

Not all teachers precisely indicate what they want, but if you have particular details, communicate them to your writer. Also, ensure you understood the assignment so you can guide the writer if needed. After all, you can’t be completely clueless about your paper.

Make sure that they respect the deadline

One of the reasons why students apply for help in the first place is the lack of time. Having a reliable service to deliver a paper just in time is quintessential.

Also, since the deadline is what makes a paper more expensive, the least they can do is respect it. So, make sure they are punctual and don’t drag you forever while trying to get more money from you.

But how do you know they respect deadlines?

One indicator is the deadline option. If they care about the order’s due date, it might mean that they respect it and work around it. Nonetheless, to avoid any trouble, you might want to submit the order as soon as possible so that you can have extra time in case the writer has some issues. But even revisions take some time, so it’s better to order in advance.

Once you contact the writer, they should indicate the time it takes them to write and give you updates on the process.

Check the quality and customer service

As far as the customer service goes, you can write them before you order and see when they respond. You can text or even call them, but most sites prefer chatting and emailing.

As far as quality goes, they should guarantee the best: unique and flawless content, delivered before the set deadline. Also, they should try to bring evidence that their writers are qualified and experienced enough. Also Read – Learn Interesting Details About Correlational Study

See if the reviews are great

Another way to check that the service is trustworthy: reviews. You can go on their reviews page and read the messages of clients. Nonetheless, these reviews are easily made up because, as a site, you have to keep the “client” anonymous, so you can just invent a name. Also, they can have auto-generated reviews.

Most likely, the reviews page of all the sites you browse will have perfect scores. Some sites even throw a couple of “bad” reviews (if you can call a 4/5 a bad review) just to make it seem more natural.

The best way is to go outside of their site and search independently. Your aim should be to find the worst reviews about the said site. But be aware of trolls and fake reviews. Try to use your best judgment and seek honest reviews on forums and social media. You can contact the reviewers and ask them about the sites if you want to.


Ordering an essay online shouldn’t be complicated. Nevertheless, you should pick the best site for you. Try sorting the sites and checking the payment methods, prices, and customer service.

Also, pick the best writers and read reviews online. But remember that trustworthy sites respect deadlines and high-quality standards.