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Teaching Tolerance: How to Instill a Sense of Humanity in Students

How to Instill a Sense of Humanity in Students

In order to live in society and to be a part of it, one must have a set of qualities within oneself. These qualities help us to carry on our day-to-day lives, without facing any issues. As well as avoiding the chance to cause an issue for others.

One such trait is known as tolerance. The importance of tolerance is far-reaching. And it is one of the most important skills to master to have a social life. Especially in current times where everyone is easily offended by every small little thing.

Therefore, it is a great practice to start teaching this trait to individuals as early as possible. Another important reason is that; young minds are easy to mold. Hence, it is necessary to teach them tolerance and its’ importance from an early age.

How Can Students Be Taught to be Tolerant?

As stated above, tolerance is essential in every walk of life. Not only that, but it also paints a good picture of your character in the eyes of others. There are several strategies that can help teach students about tolerance. I will list a few of them below.

Essays Regarding Tolerance:

Teaching tolerance is very important since the topic of racism is very widespread among the population. Alternatively, students can read the black lives matter essay on a free online resource that will help form the right attitude towards people of another race. Appointing such eye-opening essays should be a duty of the teachers, in order to teach students about tolerance. Such essay examples will help students broaden their minds. And make them more acceptant of others of different races and beliefs.

Proper Study Material:

We learn what we read and what we are taught. Teachers must appoint books that help a student understand the importance and necessity of tolerance. Choosing inclusive reading materials is one of the simplest methods to introduce tolerance into education. Being aware of how these books portray individuals may make all the difference.

Inclusive Classroom Activities:

The teacher must appoint classroom activities that teach tolerance by example and practice. Books and lessons leave out a lot. These can only be experienced and taught through actual demonstration. It is the duty of the teacher to ensure that the act of tolerance is showcased through all classroom activities. Also Read – 7 Best Qualities of a Good Teacher

Provide a Platform for the Students:

We cannot simply lend students our beliefs and expect them to adhere to them without any questions. Provide them a platform, to showcase their beliefs and to clear their confusion. This makes them feel included and heard. It also shows them what true tolerance looks like.

Provide a Platform for the Students

These are only a few such strategies. The best step is to teach everyone to have an open mind. And be acceptant of each other regardless of beliefs or differences. That is the key to being tolerant.

Importance of Teaching Tolerance to Students

We have all heard the proverb, “Strike the iron while it is hot”. Although it is a bit out of context in this case. But not entirely relevant. Younger people and children have a much higher acceptance rate of diversity compared to adults. Therefore, it is the best time to teach them about tolerance and other benevolent social qualities. Let’s take a look at some points as to why it is important to teach tolerance to students.

  1. In this age of global unification, we have to regularly interact with people who are different from us. Race, religion, color, beliefs and so much more. In order to live harmoniously, tolerance is a must.
  2. Tolerance lets people have a broader circle of social connections. Compared to a person who refuses to be tolerant.
  3. Tolerance helps people stay out of unnecessary disputes that might occur in day-to-day activities that include people from all walks of life.
  4. Fighting, violence, and ultimately the destruction of society’s peace and security are all caused by a lack of tolerance. Hence, tolerance is a must for social peace.
  5. When people’s arguments fall flat, they lose their tolerance and start acting violently and aggressively to defend their position. Tolerance teaches patience and acceptance in these scenarios.


Tolerance is an extremely necessary life skill to be had these days. Some experts believe that it may be more important than unity these days in the United States. Social equality at school is strongly supported by tolerance. It not only demonstrates how to engage with others but also how to get knowledge from others that are unlike oneself.

Despite the significance of teaching tolerance, some instructors avoid it because it’s challenging, unsettling, or seems unimportant. Regardless, it is high time for tolerance to be integrated into the curriculum.

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