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What is the optimal of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

Businesses are increasingly shifting their vision of cloud computing from a “good” to a valuable and fundamental asset in the industry. While there are many different cloud platforms from companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Rackspace, AWS is by far the leading cloud platform on the market. AWS has data center’s around the world and hosts platforms, software, digital infrastructures, and more. Launched 13 years ago (in 2016), AWS is today used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, including 3M, GE, Phillips, Hitachi, and many others.

What are the benefits of AWS certification?

Given the high utilization of cloud solutions globally, particularly AWS, it is essential that IT professionals develop their skills to design, deploy, and manage these cloud applications. Not only can you develop and put your skills into practice, but you can take them to the next level with AWS certification. In 2013, AWS launched its Global Certification Program, which allows employees to certify their technical skills and knowledge in creating cloud-based applications using AWS technology. As of 2019, 11 certifications will be available through AWS.

AWS certification shows that you are familiar with the platform and its terminology and have experience using it. It is precious for businesses. As an AWS certified individual, you can demonstrate the skills you need, which can lead to more responsibilities in the workplace, or even improve the salary package. AWS certification is highly marketable for job search and can help individuals distinguish themselves from other candidates.

What are the career prospects of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

If you’re interested in technology and especially AWS, consider an exciting and rewarding career as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect or as a Support Engineer.

In this role, you assess an organization’s needs and make recommendations for implementing applications in AWS. You need a high level of technical skills and experience in designing AWS-based applications to avail of an AWS Architect Job. You must also be able to follow the rapid evolution of technology.

You will be asked to find a balance between the functionality and the requirements and needs of the company. It is not just a technical role. Solution Architect partners with business teams and product development to solve customer business problems and encourage them to adopt AWS services tailored to their trade.

A typical day for an AWS Architect can be:

  •         Meeting with customers and sales teams to understand the challenges and needs of the customer
  •         Formulate solutions based on AWS architectural best practices and select the most appropriate services based on customer requirements and desired features
  •         Design and implementation of applications
  •         Manage tasks and projects
  •         Consultation during development and implementation
  •         Learn and search for new features that AWS launches to enhance existing knowledge
  •         Coaching and supervision of new employees
  •         Develop and present training
  •         Become AWS certified using the Open Colleges IT Certification Library

While practical experience is crucial, you need to understand basic concepts, terminology, latest changes, trends, and more. It is, therefore, essential to complete your lifelong learning experience.

Whether AWS is a new concept for you or you are already working with AWS, the Open Colleges IT Certification Learning Library is an excellent resource for you. It contains more than 4,000 digital resources that can teach you everything you need to know about AWS, cloud computing, and more. As cloud computing and AWS continues to grow and evolve, the resources of the learning library for computer certification are regularly updated.

Learning resources are a combination of video courses and e-books. They range from a simple Amazon Web Services for Dummies eBook to a more advanced “Serverless Container and Application Management” video course.

You can access resources via your desktop, tablet, and mobile device at any time. You can learn to adapt to your work and personal obligations and to follow it at your own pace.

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