How To Use Sohcahtoa?

How To Use Sohcahtoa? Sohcahtoa: SOHCAHTOA is a mnemonic device that is used in mathematics to remember the definitions of the three most common trigonometric functions. This lesson will explain each one and give examples, and you’ll have the opportunity to take a quiz at the end to solidify what you’ve learned. Sine, cosine, and […]

How To Become A Police Detective

How To Become A Police Detective How To Become A Detective: A detective, sometimes referred to as an investigator, normally works with a law enforcement agency. Called in for specific situations, a detective collects evidence and analyzes the facts in a criminal case. Duties of a detective generally include interviewing witnesses and suspects, examining records involved […]

What Is Cyclical Unemployment?

What Is Cyclical Unemployment? Cyclical Unemployment: Cyclical unemployment is directly related to the level of macroeconomic activity, which is the aggregate, or combined, activity of all persons and entities involved in an economy. This aggregate activity is cyclical instead of linear – economic activity tends to rise and fall, instead of always rising or always […]

What Is A Diatomic Element?

What Is A Diatomic Element? Diatomic Elements: Diatomic molecules are molecules composed of only two atoms, of the same or different chemical elements. The prefix di- is of Greek origin, meaning “two”. If a diatomic molecule consists of two atoms of the same element, such as hydrogen (H2) or oxygen (O2), then it is said to be homonuclear. Otherwise, if a diatomic molecule consists of two different […]

Flashbulb Memory In Psychology

Flashbulb Memory In Psychology Flashbulb Memory: For many Americans, September 11, 2001, is a date that holds particular significance. It is, of course, the day Islamic terrorists simultaneously crashed four planes in New York, D.C., and Pennsylvania. Most adults can easily remember when this happened, but are they really remembering the attacks themselves or are […]