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Top Online Platform for The Students from Age 7 to 12 Years


There was a time when students only had the books and facilities of the library at their disposal for their education. At that time, resources were limited and students usually had difficulty getting additional knowledge out of their context. However, time has changed as advances in education from the perspective of technology have fully enabled students to learn a little more.

There are several categories in which technology benefits students, such as resources via the Internet, discussions about problems, communicating with the teacher, etc. In today’s digital world, online learning platforms are very efficient and popular to let students learn while staying at home or working part-time.

Best of all, students can now get an education at the world’s leading universities by staying at home via online platforms.

In this article, we will discuss some of the popular online learning platforms that would save time and increase student efficiency.


When we talk about education, calculation is one of the most commonly used things in it. The calculation can be of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, statistics, and many other subjects. Some of the calculations are complex and require a lot of time for the student to perform them manually. If, for example, the mathematical students find a solution and it includes algebra, conversions, and geometry at the same time, the time for their solution would increase. is an online platform that provides hundreds of training tools. It is a completely free tool that immediately delivers the result of your question. You can use it for any complex number calculation that is difficult to solve manually. For example, if you want to find the factors of several numbers that are actually above the millions, then this calculator would take moments to find the factors of your numbers.

2. SlideShare

SlideShare is a popular presentation tool introduced by the famous Scribd website, which is available online and offers you presentations in various niches. In the educational career, presentation is the component of any subject, whether you are studying middle or higher education. Some cases, students have less time to manage their tasks or presentations, especially if they have multiple tasks.

In this regard, SlideShare has enough resources to help students with their tasks, research, and presentations. There are millions of auxiliary materials, including presentations, books, audiobooks, research papers, and other articles that can help different students.

Besides, there is a huge community on SlideShare, which allows students to ask questions about their subjects with teachers and professionals.


Prepostseo is a website that is enriched with educational tools. Various tools are useful for educational students of different ages, including secondary and master’s courses. However, below are some of the tools of this website that can help you write your tasks, projects, and research papers.

Plagiarism Checker: With the Plagiarism Checker you can check whether your content is original and it is very important to take it into account. Sometimes, students use the Internet to copy their orders and the Institute can punish them if they are caught.

Paraphrasing Tool: This is another tool to increase the efficiency of your writing. The tool replaces most words with the most appropriate synonym. In this way, a simple font is immediately converted into an effective one.

Grammar Checker: A grammar checker is mandatory because the content in your educational font should be free from all errors, including structural and grammatical errors.

Word Counter: If you need a certain amount of content in your tasks and projects, this tool is helpful: the word counter calculates the words, characters, and even the density of different words in your writing.

Besides, there are a lot of tools, especially calculators and converters, to achieve advantages in your training.


This tool is another online calculator along with various categories of calculators and converters. This is also a free but effective website for students as it offers hundreds of tools for calculation and converters. It provides calculators and converters for chemistry, mathematics, physics, health, biology, statistics, economics, and many other subject tools.

In physics and chemistry, conversions sometimes become quite complex, but thanks to the technology that produces such an amazing calculator that is quickly and instantly available, one of the biggest advantages of these online calculators is that you get out of the complexity of the SI units of each calculation.

5. Wikihow

Would you like to learn a few steps or processes in your educational career, Wikihow is the best for you. This is because this website offers you the process of different categories with simple steps. This website is popular because it offers a user-friendly interface to each one for each topic.

Wikihow is free and creates sections for each step of a process so that students can learn easily.

6. Wikipedia

Wikipedia does not need an introduction, because Wikipedia itself is a great brand. This is the largest encyclopedia for information specifically for students. Its provides more information on any subject, whether it is a personality, region, or law, Wikipedia provides the best information.

It also has a user-friendly interface with sections for each new subheading in which it specifies the authentic data and references.

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There was a time when solving mathematical and physical equations was complex due to limited learning materials, but the latest technology has enabled students to learn better through online tools. Online tools usually help students spend less time solving problems, while the likelihood of errors in online calculators is lower. In manual calculations, there is the ability to write and calculate errors, but there is no chance of any of these errors.