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College Paper Formatting Guide 2020

There are some paper formatting styles followed widely when writing college research papers. Some of the styles are APA and MLA. Writing an excellent research paper is not an easy task unless you possess the quality, knowledge, and basic skills of writing. Language, content knowledge, and subject understanding, and flair for writing are major features of writing a college research paper. The concept of writing and formating needs intellectual features. It is a challenge for the majority of the writers and only those who possess knowledge and skills win the battle. Patience and in-depth or sound knowledge about the subject are major parameters. Whatever the style you like the following basic guidelines, presented by LegitimateEssayWriting, are essential to cope with the desire of winning.

College Paper

Basic guidelines


You should have the idea of writing the title of your research paper without any deviation and follow the standard style. The title of the paper followed by the author’s name details is written. You should also include the name of the author in the title along with the university where he is affiliated to. Do not forget to write the header at the top of the page. The header should include the research paper title which is written in capital letters.

Summary of your findings

After the title page, your second page should be followed by a summary of your findings that are called abstract. However, your abstract should be followed by a testable statement. When you write an abstract in your research paper be concise and give a summary of your findings by including only facts. Facts alone are written instead of any unwanted stores.

Margins and paginations

You should not miss writing with basic formatting styles because it gives you professional style so that the reader thinks about you high. The margins, paginations, and headings are inevitable to the work. Hence, top and side margins along with the bottom are compulsorily done by you. The text that you write should be double spaced so that the reader or a professional who is well versed find your work appealing. You should use a standard font size which is generally times new roman. Try to have continuous pagination in your writing work.

Try to include section headings, subsection headings in your work. You can also concentrate a lot on In-Text Citations. These citations are done in your research paper whenever you quote something to the reader. By this, you can say thanks for some notable ideas given by some experts. You can also insist on others to follow your advice.


This is the utmost important part of the formatting paper when you write. Never forget to include the reference list at the end of the paper. You can include the various sources that are helpful to you when you start collecting details. The reference list should include all the references that you contacted or studied. The reference might include the persons you contacted, books you studied and sites your search. The main advantage of reference list inclusion in your paper is that the reader would understand about your attentiveness, sources you searched for their understanding. Moreover, it gives the reader a clear understanding of the work you have done.

The reference list may look easier for you but it should be genuine and inevitable. However, you have to follow the basic guidelines prescribed by standard association. Using double spaced in the reference list is mandatory.

In short, the following outline would give you a clear understanding of formatting the paper when you write for a college research paper.

The title should be followed by an abstract in consecutive pages. The third important page should be the body that should have the headings, subheadings for the content. Then it is followed by in page citations by the author for the content. At the last, it is followed by a reference list.

Proofread and editing work

Never ever submit the paper after finishing the above formalities quickly. Spend much time editing the content and proofreading the content based on grammar and spelling check. You should double-check the important research and findings stated in the content. Keep everything in one document instead of several documents.

Follow the above guidelines for the excellent results you expect. Indeed qualitative work deserves appreciation.