Thursday, 11 Jul 2024

Why It’s not Relevant to Divide Students into Tech Guys and Humanitarians Anymore

The division between tech students and humanitarians is as old as the world. Well, it is surely as old as the modern system of education. Yet, today, such a division seems rather outdated, if even necessary at all. The thing is, our society has become as interconnected and as versatile as ever before. It’s especially true now when all people have access to the Internet and enjoy more life and career opportunities than there were in the past. Overall, our world would not be as it is today if not for the humanitarian and tech students of the past. It’s not relevant to divide students into tech guys and humanitarians anymore. Here is why it’s so.

Both fields are complex

Humanitarians end up being the punch line in many jokes far too often. Of course, these students do not deserve such treatment from the rest of the world. All studies in the humanitarian field are valid and important for society, whether those are specialists in sociology, fine arts, communication, education, or else. Overall, these disciplines teach us about ourselves, social changes while giving us hope for a better future.

However, these specialists are also crucial for many tech spheres, like software development, engineering, graphic design, etc. The gathered data, artistic vision, and a deep insight into communities help build better products and meet the people’s needs. Both of these fields are complex and necessary, as only together can they create a better future for us.

Its Not Relevant to Divide Students into Tech Guys and Humanitarians

There is a little bit of both everywhere

You can’t tell an artist or a writer that there is nothing technical about their profession. They will laugh in your face and show the hundreds of rules needed for writing a novel or making an art piece. Overall, there are a lot of technicalities in any humanitarian specialty. Writers need to follow grammar rules, maintain the structure and form of the text, build a narrative, and so on. Artists study for years and years to develop their vision and style. Yet, they have to master all the classical techniques in the process.

At the same time, all the tech guys are somewhat artists themselves. They surely rely on math and other precise science more often. Yet, it takes creativity and imagination to come up with something new, delicate, and functional. Coding guys may not be artists on paper. Though, they are artistic inside. Besides, many tech specialties these days, like graphic design, for instance, require a certain level of understanding of both worlds.

Gender segregation is outdated

In the past, most of the professions were divided between genders. Of course, women’s access to education was limited for many years, so they didn’t have many choices. Still, modern society makes a lot of progress in closing such gender disparities. Sure, maybe, tech guys (as the field is, indeed, predominantly male) are not so keen on creative assignments. Maybe they are the ones to look at the best essay writing services review when submitting a writing assignment. Perhaps, humanitarians don’t want to learn everything about the tech world and rely on calculators more often. Still, it doesn’t mean these students can’t do each other’s jobs because of some mental differences. It’s just that all of them are doing the things they are passionate about. Hence, they don’t want to waste time on secondary priorities.

We all study the same lessons

Overall, teaching students their specialty is not the sole goal of all universities. Instead, teaching young people to think should always be the priority. The very essence of higher education is in shaping intelligent, independent, creative, and open-minded individuals. Hence, whether you are a humanitarian student or in engineering, it all doesn’t matter. With free access to many online courses, libraries, and, well, the Internet, people can educate themselves on their own. Yet, universities’ task is to teach young people to think, and that’s already a more difficult goal to reach for.

The degree is not as important as before

Finally, the world is not as fixated on college degrees as it used to be in the past. First, there are more ways to build a career than attending university. Young people can seek online learning, open up their own business, or start making their way up from the entry-level. Degrees have their value, of course. Yet, they are expensive and take a lot of time to earn. Hence, many prefer going without them. So, young specialists in art, communication, or software development seek individual paths in lives that often don’t require a college degree.

To conclude

Societies need both fields, technological and humanitarian, to remain stable and prosperous. These two groups of specialists build a well-balanced and inclusive world where everyone can find their professional niche. Overall, dividing people into categories is, in general, a rather outdated concept as such. Today’s world is all about embracing diversity and differences in human nature.