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Problem Solved: 5 Tips for Finding a Great Math Tutor

The cost of a private tutor in the US is between $25 and $80 per hour.

With that amount of money on the line, it’s imperative that you choose the right tutor for your child. If the subject they require help with is one as difficult as math, you need to be extra sure that you’re choosing someone your child can improve with.

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If you need to hire a math tutor, you should be involving your child in the process, as well as some key people who can provide sound advice. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you then need to know what questions to ask to ensure that they’re a good fit.

For details on all of that and more, keep reading for 5 tips on how to find a great math tutor.

  1. Ask for Help

If you have friends and family who have used tutors in the past, ask them for recommendations. You can also check online reviews and testimonials for tutors in your local area.

You should also speak to your child’s current or former teachers. They have experience teaching your child and can offer accurate advice on where to start looking. They can also provide insight as to what your child needs to focus on.

  1. Involve Your Child in Choosing Their Math Tutor

Just as an excellent tutor can help your child improve, the wrong tutor can affect their experience with school and learning. That’s why it’s so important to involve your child in the process of choosing a tutor.

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Not only will the math tutor’s expertise be important, but their personality and teaching style should match with your child. Sit down with them after their first few sessions and ask them what they think of their tutor. You can decide together whether you think you have the right match.

  1. Know What Questions to Ask

Before hiring anybody, you’ll want to have either a phone or in-person meeting with them. This gives you a chance to discuss their rates, availability, and experience. Make sure that they’ve prepared other students in the same way as your child requires and ask them for references to back up their claims.

Besides figuring out if they can help with technical items like point slope form, you’ll also want to assess their personality. Ask them about their tutoring philosophy and make sure it’s something that resonates with you and your child’s learning style.

  1. Consider Safety

An often overlooked aspect of hiring a math tutor is your child’s safety. You can make sure that the individual you’re hiring is trustworthy by performing a background check. You can also ask for references that you can contact and verify their work.

Alternatively, stick with a tutor that’s recommended by a trusted family member or friend. If you know they’ve had a good experience, you can be sure you will, too.

  1. Think About Peer Tutoring

There’s a new method of tutoring available these days. It’s affordable and can it be done 100% online.

This is called peer tutoring. It’s aimed at students that are in high school and it involves tutoring by peers rather than a traditional tutor. Not only does this help with socialization, but it can also help improve your child’s grades.

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You may find a math tutor by talking to friends, family, and your child’s teachers, but you should also involve your child in the process. Beyond considering their technical qualifications, their personality and philosophy should fit with your child’s learning style. Remember that a bad tutor can affect the way your child learns for the foreseeable future.

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