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Complete Chapter on 3/4 As A Percent

Remember, a sector is a section of a circle confined in between its two distances and the arc adjoining them. Let’s learn more about 3/4 as a percent.

For example, a pizza slice is an instance of a sector standing for a portion of the pizza. There are two types of sectors, minor as well as a significant call. A small sector is less than a semi-circle sector, whereas a substantial sector is a sector that is above a semi-circle.

In this article, you will indeed find out about 3/4 as a percent:

What the location of a sector is.

How to find the location of a sector; as well as

The formula for the area of a call.

What is the Area of a Sector?

The area of a sector is the region enclosed by the two spans of a circle and the arc. In easy words, the location of a sector is a portion of the location of the circle.

How to Discover the Location of a Sector or 3/4 as a percent?

To compute the location of a sector, you need to understand the complying with two parameters:

The length of the circle’s span.

The step of the central angle or the arc size. An arc of an sector subtends the central angle at the facility of a circle. Can give up the primary angle levels or radians.

With the above two specifications, finding the location of a circle is as simple as ABCD. It is just a matter of connecting in the values in the sector formula given below.

The formula for the area of a sector

There are three different formulas for calculating the area of a sector. Each of these solutions is used depending upon the type of info offered regarding the sector.

Location of an sector when the primary angle is given up levels.

If the sector’s angle is given up levels, then the formula for the location of a sector is provided by,

Location of a sector = (θ/ 360) πr2

A = (θ/ 360) πr2

Where θ = the central angle in levels

Pi (π) = 3.14 and also r = the span of a sector.

The area of the sector provided the central angle in radians.

If the interior angle is given in radians, after that the formula for calculating the area of a sector is;

Location of a sector = (θr2)/ 2.

Where θ = the measure of the interior angle given in radians.

Location of a sector given the arc size.

Offered the length of the arc, the area of a sector is being provided by.

Location of a sector = rL/2.

Where r = radius of the circle.

L = arc size.

Let’s exercise a couple of example troubles involving the area of sector.


Calculate the area of the sector below.


Area of a sector = (θ/ 360) πr2.

= (130/360) x 3.14 x 28 x 28.

Hence, it is 888.97 cm2.