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How to Help Your Child Prepare for the NAPLAN Test

No matter how you feel about them, standardized tests are part of the public schooling reality. And there’s a lot that comes with that. From performance anxiety to feeling stressed about your child taking the test yourself, it’s not very fun for anyone.

Want some help making the process more pleasant and helping your child achieve better results, without stressing them out? Check out our NAPLAN test-taking and prep tips, below.

1.Talk to Your Child’s Teachers

While the teachers at school have been working all year to get their students ready for the NAPLAN test, one curriculum doesn’t fit all. And though they’re doing their best to give each student personalized attention and alter lessons for everyone’s needs, it’s not always possible with the load we put on them.

If you haven’t had a parent-teacher meeting in a while or you’re worried about your child’s test performance, talk to them about any concerns. If they could have time with your child one-on-one to prep for the test, what would they focus on? Teachers truly care about their students and will be happy to provide you with ideas and resources to help your child succeed.

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2. Work on Test Anxiety

Kids can start having test anxiety as early as they start taking tests. Especially for exams they hear about all year and know they’re working up to, like the NAPLAN. Teaching your child deep breathing, how to recognize when they’re feeling anxious, and giving them some test-friendly things they can do if they get overwhelmed on NAPLAN days can all help.

Also, let them know that their performance on this test doesn’t determine their value as a person. If it doesn’t go well, all it tells you is that there are some things they need to work on, and you’ll be there to help them with that.

Experts in child development stress that teaching kids to do their best and put in the effort is more effective, in the long run than praising them for being smart. Anyone can learn to do something if they try hard enough!

3. Ramp Up Reading at Home

At this age, most students aren’t used to exam-style questions and they can be intimidating. Seeing a chunk of text and a list of answers can make their eyes glaze over. Especially when it comes to reading comprehension.

You already know the importance of reading to your child, but toward the test, encourage them to read to you. Ask them questions about the story organically, so they can practice their reading comprehension. Let them choose the books they read to you to encourage them to be enthusiastic about this process.

Practice makes perfect!

Preparing for and Getting Through the NAPLAN Test

We know you’ve already got a lot on your plate between work, your kids, and your non-family life. So this is us giving you an excuse to get takeaway for dinner at least once during NAPLAN week.

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Why? Your kids will be working hard all day and letting them choose what takeout to get at the end of the week, or the end of a certain NAPLAN day will give them something to look forward to.

And it will give you something to look forward to too. . . the NAPLAN test process being over! Need more educational tips to help your little students shine? Follow our blog for more!