Friday, 17 May 2024
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How to Stay Motivated for Online Learning

Motivation 101: How to Get Going for Online Learning

Not all of us are geared for online learning. However, we don’t have much of a choice during this coronavirus pandemic. Most schools and colleges have shifted to online classes for the rest of the year. Your routine now is filled with Zoom classes, emails, and projects to replace the classroom experience.

But unfortunately, your productivity seems to have gone for a toss. How do you stay motivated for online learning?

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Follow Your Regular Routine

Going to school or college is not a solitary task. Our whole routine revolves around it. You wake up, take your bath, travel to your college, come back- it’s a whole routine. However, online learning breaks that routine and creates problems for many people.

Some of us need a structured approach to learning. We cannot function when we stay in the comforts of our home. For them, following the routine is a must to stay motivated.

You don’t need to wake up at 7 am like you do for your usual classes. But try to leave your bed by 9 or 10 am and then do everything you normally do before college. Things like taking your bath, eating breakfast, and so on.

This approach will make you prepared for your online learning and boost productivity.

Don’t Miss Your Online Classes

Your college or university may go lenient on attendance requirements during online learning. However, missing classes is not what you want to do, even when you can access recorded versions later.

Being present in live classes makes you more attentive and alert. You have better chances of learning more efficiently and retaining what you learned. Additionally, you can interact with teachers and resolve your queries instantly.

Moreover, the feeling of learning with the whole class is a good way to increase motivation. Also Check – Problem Solved: 5 Tips for Finding a Great Math Tutor

Create Your Personal Learning Space

Along with students, most employees are working from home to maintain social distance. HR experts suggest people create a working space where there are no disturbances. For example, you can choose a room in your house and use it for your office work.

Students should follow the same principle and set up a dedicated learning zone. It can be a room or a corner of your hallway where you can be left alone. Ask people in your home not to disturb you as long as you’re busy.

This little change will go a long way to increase motivation and attention.

Use Plenty of Online Resources

Learning away from college or school can be uncomfortable. You don’t get access to your teachers all the time and can’t even go to the library. Getting assistance with your studies can become a problem and be a cause behind a lack of motivation.

Luckily, the internet can come to your rescue and provide a range of resources to facilitate learning. You can access journals, research papers, videos, and other materials to get past your doubts. You may even post questions on forums and Q&A sites for answering your questions.

If you’re feeling too unmotivated, you can even hire someone to write your essays and papers. Many services like CheapPaperWriting help you with your projects for a small fee.

Remember to Socialize

Colleges and universities are highly social places. You spend your day with countless other students, teachers, and staff. You have face-to-face interactions, discussions, and verbal exchanges all through the day.

Staying at home can make you upset or uninspired, especially if you like socializing. Many students feel lonely and miss the interaction of an actual class. Naturally, this lowers their motivation and end up affecting learning.

Social distancing doesn’t mean you stop socializing. You can still hang out virtually with your friends using group video calls. Make a point to interact with others and keep your spirits up. You will certainly see a difference in your motivation levels.

Create a Checklist

Being organized is a great way to boost motivation. Write down your projects, tasks, and deadlines in a notepad or use digital planners. Create a checklist for every day and follow it diligently.

You will see you’re deriving a lot of satisfaction by completing your checklist. This will increase your motivation and help you learn better online. Related – Area of a Rectangle – A Complete Lesson

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember is that online learning is a temporary measure. You’ll be getting back to your classrooms soon when things get better. Till then, follow our tips to stay motivated and participate in your online classes and learning. Just remember everybody is facing the same situation and doing their best to stay inspired.