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7 Top Alternative Jobs for Teachers in 2020

Best Job for Teachers Who Don’t Want to Teach

Teaching can be quite taxing. You get mentally and physically drained, handling students all day long. As a result, many teachers look to transition to other jobs. Additionally, some teachers don’t want a lifelong classroom job and look for change.

Today, we are going to present the best jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach. These jobs won’t need you to handle students directly. Moreover, some jobs are not even related to education.

So, buckle up as we explore the best possible careers after teaching. Also Read – 6 Interesting Careers for Those Who Don’t Want to Stay in One Place

1. Curriculum Developer

Curriculum development is one of the most suitable alternative teacher jobs. You spend your days planning materials students and teachers will use. In the present day, that includes both traditional materials and digital learning resources. Your job will also entail ensuring the curriculum follows the state educational guidelines.

You will generally need a bit of teaching experience and a master’s degree to become a curriculum developer. Salaries range upwards of $60,000 per year.

2. Education Counselor

Education counsellors guide students of all levels towards achieving their goals. It’s among the well-suited jobs for teachers and involves helping students. You will be responsible for the overall development of students. That includes their career and personal aspects.

The requirements for counselling high school students are fewer compared to graduate students. You will need a master’s in counselling or related fields to handle college students. Education counsellors can apply for a salaried job or work independently.

3. Admissions Consultant

Admission consultant is one of the favourable jobs for teachers not teaching. This job is specifically suitable for college teachers who are aware of various degrees. You will assess the talents and capabilities of students and suggest probable courses.

The job also involves preparing students for interviews, helping with applications, and more. A degree in educational counselling or other academic field is necessary. You can work in a job or launch your independent business. Also Read – How Do I Choose the Right University?

4. Writing

Writing is one of the simplest jobs for teachers who leave teaching. You can write for publications, magazines, and various other platforms. If you wish, you can also try your hands on copywriting and marketing content.

Some of you may look for writing careers similar to teaching. In that case, you can write for several essay services online following your area of expertise. For example, you can write papers for WriteHistoryEssay if history is what you teach.

Writing is also a great option for those who want to work part-time or on a freelance basis.

5. Social Worker

Teaching needs a bit of compassion and the ability to help others. As a result, being a social worker is among the best career opportunities for teachers. You can choose to work in any field that interests you. However, working with children can be a natural choice.

Various non-profits hire social workers. Even corporate companies may need social workers to fulfil their CSR duties. Additionally, you can also travel around the world and help people in poor and developing countries.

6. Make Educational Content

This is one of the unique careers related to teaching. You can create guides, explanations, and videos on educational topics and upload them on YouTube. Over time, you can earn money from your content as views on your videos increase. You may also be able to sell your content through a business model utilizing various channels like websites or apps.

7. Corporate Training

Corporate training is a big business. Companies invest heavily in educating their employees to boost productivity. From leadership to stress management, corporate training encompasses almost everything.

This makes it among the potential alternatives to teaching with a teaching degree. You can work as a trainer, design a curriculum, or coordinate activities.

Your earnings will depend on the role you work in. Related – Why Leadership Online Learning Courses Are Important for Leaders and Managers

8. Administration

Administration is among the simplest jobs for people with teaching degrees. You can shift from classroom teaching to the role of an administrator. Positions include principals, assistant principals, superintendents, educational coordinators, and more.

The best thing is you may not even need to leave your current employer. You may be able to find a vacancy by making your request in advance. Administration roles come with high salaries, and you can earn upwards of $90,000.

You may also be able to work under the government and educational support services.

Final Thoughts

Teachers have plenty of options when they want to try out a new career. Pick a job that matches your preferences and make way for new possibilities. Additionally, choose a career with good growth opportunities to make it big. Let us know what profession appeals to you most in the comments below.