Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024

How to Become a Technician [2021 Guide]

Qualified technicians are always in demand. The need for expertly trained technicians will continue to increase in many industries in 2021 and beyond. If you are looking for a career change that provides meaningful work and great salaries, getting trained as a technician may be a great option. Or for those who are younger and wondering what type of career to pursue, a technician is a great starting point. You may even find it to satisfy your needs as a long term career. Wondering how to become a technician in 2021? This helpful guide will give you all the answers. Keep reading to discover your next career.

What Is a Technician?

So what is a technician and what does a technician do? In a nutshell, technicians manage complex systems, performing highly technical maintenance, and diagnosing problems with equipment, hardware, and software.

Technicians are the specialist that understand how the equipment works and are usually the only people who can find and solve problems with complicated components.

There are many different technician types, such as HVAC or automotive. They can work in healthcare, ranging from dental technicians to veterinarian technicians, or in pharmacies, labs, and hospitals.

Really, there is no limit to where you can work and why type of industry you can participate in. If you enjoy mechanics, tinkering, and solving problems, you can find a job as a technician to be deeply rewarding.

The average technician salary depends on what industry you are in. Dental Technicians may start out at $17 per hour, for example, while medical technicians can start out earning $22 and beyond. Many experienced technicians can earn between $40,000 and $80,000 a year or more.

How to Become a Technician in 2021

Depending on what industry you’d like to work in, there are different requirements when becoming a technician. Some jobs may only require a high school diploma, while others may require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

A great place for many people to start is by becoming a mobile phone technician. This role will always be in demand, given that as many as 5 billion people depend on their smartphones daily.

You can even get certified online and move towards your next career right away. To get started, you can visit www.wisecertification.com to become a technician, or to advance your skill set today.

There are other types of certifications you can get as well. You can often find courses and certification opportunities at local colleges or trade schools.

Many people become technicians by going through an apprenticeship. This is an excellent way to develop hands-on skills and test out if this career path is right for you.

Choosing Your Industry

Every industry offers opportunities for new and experienced technicians. For animal lovers who also have a passion for mechanics, a job as a veterinarian technician can be incredibly rewarding.

For those who want to know they are helping people daily, working as a medical technician can fill you with a deeper sense of purpose. And for those who simply love good coffee, espresso machine technicians are always needed as well. You’ll usually get a free coffee when you finish the repairs.

Get Started Today

Whatever industry you choose, you can find a great career in as little as a few months by becoming a technician. Gain experience in an industry you are passionate about and continue to explore the opportunities that exist.

Still, wondering how to become a technician? You just need to get certified or apprenticed. Figure out what it takes for your desired industry and take the next step today. And if you’d like additional career advice, be sure to check out our blog.