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Features of Promethean Board

Promethean Boards are a group of technology being integrated into classrooms rapidly. It is an interactive whiteboard that permits you to project a photo from a laptop computer or computer system. You can likewise engage with the board through touch or specialized pens. Anything that can do on a computer system screen can be replicated on this interactive whiteboard, which ends up being viewable by a whole classroom.

According to the NEA, “research has consistently shown that trainees find out much better when they are engaged, which multi-sensory, hands-on knowing is the most effective method to engage them, a brand-new focus on establishing twenty-first-century abilities for trainees, the requirement for teacher effectiveness in innovation, as well as research recording raised finding out with making use of interactive whiteboards have spurred (they are) fostering.”

Features of Promethean Board

A Promethean Board is an oddly valuable technology item you may locate in your classroom today. To place it, a Promethean Board is a details brand name of interactive whiteboards that enables you to project an image from a computer system and interact with the board through touch or unique pens. There are several interactive whiteboard brands, and research reveals that their use considerably boosts understanding. Let’s go through several of its advantages in more information.

Classroom applications for using interactive whiteboards consist of:

  • Multimedia lessons and also discussions comprised of sound and also video clip
  • Collaborative concern fixing
  • Showcasing pupil tasks and discussions
  • Digital field scenic tours
  • Recorded lessons that replacement teachers can utilize, as well as
  • Documents of trainee achievement


Via an attachment to a laptop or tablet, whatever is stood for on the device will be made bigger and shown on the empty Promethean Board. Doing this can reveal your class videos or sites and possibly take them on a Google trip to the Amazon.

The Promethean Board can likewise include a peripheral tool that appears like an above electronic camera. This works for dealing with a web page in a workbook or textbook with the entire class or displaying a photo that would be impractical if held up before the students.

Interactive Uses

While helpful as a projector when linked to a computer or an external electronic camera, the Promethean Board reveals its versatility when used as an interactive whiteboard. The interactive problem of the Promethean Board indicates that it can use a pen-like tool. Either you, the educator or students can create or draw on the Promethean Board (electronically, of course).

Features of Promethean Board

ActiveInspire: The Software

ActivInspire is the program that features Promethean boards. With it, you can produce flipcharts. Flipcharts include the board to complete activities on the board, like dragging and decreasing images or objects, creating notes, playing a video game, etc. The choices are endless.

For example, early mornings typically start with a specific regimen in an elementary classroom or a class for trainees with special needs. Students will look at the calendar, the weather, the days of the week, etc. This type of regimen is an ideal chance for flipcharts integration via ActivInspire.

It can have a calendar page for students to shade in the date, click a web link to the weather condition, determine the view word of the day, and drag and drop the day of the week. Therefore much more possibilities. This allows pupils to communicate with the routine by coming near the board and demonstrating their expertise.

You can likewise discover currently made flipcharts on Promethean Planet online. Most pre-made flipcharts are complimentary to download, install, and use in your classroom. You can also learn how various other teachers have utilized flipcharts to create your own.

ActiveInspire additionally allows you to annotate over the desktop computer rather than using a flipchart. or add pointers that your students desire to see as well as bear in mind. This device is excellent to use when you have a PowerPoint presentation that you have currently been utilizing and want to be able to interact with it.


When you first establish your Promethean board, you will receive a remote in addition to a couple of pens. The remote has several features. However, the most frequently utilized are the ‘on-off’ switch, the ‘freeze’ button, and the ‘blank display’.

The freeze button is fantastic when you have a display you require your students to utilize. However, you want to pull up another thing on your computer system. For instance, you might use this feature when you have a bell ringer on the board for your pupils to service. However, you must also take presence or go into grades utilizing the computer system. When you use the freeze function, pupils can see what you have frozen on the Promethean board, not what you are collaborating with on your computer.

Features of Promethean Board: Cost and Uses

The list below includes:

  • The kinds of board used by Prometheans.
  • A brief recap of their functions.
  • A series of prices for every based upon available internet information.

Frequently asked questions: Features of Promethean Board

Are Promethean Boards And Also Smart Boards The Same?

The Distinction Remains In The Software application. To Go Along With Their Interactive Solutions. Nonetheless, The Secret Distinction Is Life Time Expense.

What Is A Promethean Panel?

Promethean Is A Worldwide Leader Of Integrated Interactive Technology, Providing Teachers With The Tools Which Provide The Greatest Influence On Discovering. Interactive White Boards, Software Applications, Target Market Feedback Equipment’s, And Interactive Tools Are Developed To Support Interaction, Collaboration, Creativity, And Learning.

Does A Promethean Board Require A Projector?

The Range Of The Serial Or USB Wire Can Be Extended If Required With An Extension Cable.

Exactly how Do I Task My Computer System To Promethean Board?

Attach The Blue Vga Cable Coming From The Back Of The Board. Attach The USB Wire Into A Readily Available USB Port On Your Computer. Toggle The Display. O Press Fn + F2 On The Approaches Laptops Or Fn + F8 On The Dell Laptops To Get The Photo On The Laptop Desktop To Project On Both The Laptop computer As Well The Board.

Do Promethean Boards Have HDMI?

Plug One End Of The Touch Display Cable Into The Front Of The Panel And The Various Other End To Your Laptop. 1. There Is An Hdmi Cable Television Already Connected To The Back Of The Promethean Board. Affix The Various Other End To Your Laptop.

Can You Create On A Promethean Board?

Do Not Use Dry Get Rid Of Pens Or Any Composing Tools.

Are Promethean Boards Magnetic?

The Eno Board is one-of-a-kind in The Interactive White Boards World.

Where Are Promethean Boards Made?

Promethean Is Held By Netdragon Websoft, A Chinese Computer Game Business, Who Acquired Promethean In 2015. The Business’s Global Headquarters Are Located In Seattle, Along With Regional Offices In Atlanta and Blackburn.

Do Promethean Boards Have Bluetooth?

If Suitable, Your Activboard Will Have A Bluetooth Sign In The Edge. If You Are Unsure Whether Your Activboard Is Capable Of A Bluetooth Link, Contact Promethean Technical Support With Your Activboard Identification Number For More Information.

How Do You Make Use Of Promethean Board?

Click The “Pen” Switch. Usage The Pen To Create Or Make Use Of The Promethean Board. To Change The Pen Shade, Make Certain The Pen Is Picked. Pick A Shade From The “Shade Combination” To Adjustment The Shade.

How Do You Open A Promethean Board?

I’ve Locked It. How Do I Unlock It? Most likely to Your Toolbox And Click The Main Food Selection (Upper Left Icon– It’s Blue And White). Click Equipment And Scroll To A Lot More Tools. Click It As Well As Scroll To Instructor Lock.

How Do I Obtain Audio On My Promethean Board?

Noise Is Fed Via USB Cord Or An Audio Cable (If Making Use Of An Activhub Or Bypassing Projector Audio Speakers). Make sure That Your USB Wire and Audio Cables Are Plug In. To Change The Volume On The Promethean Board, Readjust The Knob( S) On The Left Side Of The Board.