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Are Essay Writing Services Ethical?

Whenever students get essays and other academic papers assigned in colleges or universities, they can simply google “essay service” and find hundreds of companies that offer their writing help. These companies work with freelance writers, and they often have teams of full-time employees who made writing academic papers their job.

No matter what your budget is, you can find many services that will meet your requirements. Some services are more expensive than others, and the price does not always reflect the quality of writing. Most students know that finding a reliable writing service is a tricky task. However, there is also another issue associated with essay services. Also Read – Why You Should Consider Enrolling in an Online College

All teachers are aware of the fact that their students often purchase their papers online, and every student knows that being caught on submitting someone else’s paper is one of the worst things that can happen to them. The reason is that presenting someone else’s writing as your own goes against any university’s honor code, and this is considered academic dishonesty. The ethical side of writing services is quite controversial because the perception of custom writing varies drastically across different spheres.

For example, if you publish a book written by a ghostwriter, you will do the same thing that many celebrities do. Most people don’t see anything wrong in delegating the most time-consuming part of the work to professionals as long as you participate in the creative process. This trick, however, would never work in the academic world because, if somebody writes a term paper for you and you put your name on it, your whole academic career can be destroyed.

The Plagiarism Issue

Submitting plagiarized papers can have severe consequences for your academic career. Educators know that students purchase their papers on the internet, so every teacher has the necessary software to detect plagiarized content. Many online tools can quickly scan large chunks of text, highlight fragments stolen from other sources, and show links to these sources.

The whole process takes just a few moments. The anti-plagiarism software like Turnitin, for instance, is connected to extensive databases of academic works. Quite often, such solutions also store papers submitted by users. Detecting plagiarism is very easy, and this is a reason why high-quality writing services write papers from scratch, making sure that their customers receive unique papers, with proper citations.

Such papers can easily pass plagiarism checkers like Turnitin, so if you submit them, your professor will never be able to prove that they were written by somebody else. Therefore, it may seem like students don’t need to put any effort into studying because they can simply cheat and purchase papers online. However, this whole situation is a little more complicated.

Who Uses Essay Writing Services

While many professors think that only lazy and dumb students may purchase their papers online, the truth is that writing services have different customers. Students order professional help for many different reasons, and quite often, they don’t have any other choice. Unfortunately, the education system forces many talented and determined students to seek help.

For example, there are many ESL students who have to deal with the same academic requirements as native speakers. They get the same assignments, and they get lower grades simply because their writing skills are far from perfect, no matter how good their knowledge. There are also many students who will never need writing in their careers. For example, many STEM students will never need to write academic papers in the future, but they still have to write countless essays while in college. Also Read – Why Is the Accreditation of a College Important?

The Main Problem

There’s one problem all students have in common: they don’t have enough time to deal with all of their assignments. Not only do they need to write essays and research papers, but they should also attend classes and participate in extracurricular activities. Moreover, many students have part-time jobs because education is very expensive. Besides, some students have to take care of their families.

Students are under constant pressure. The academic requirements are very strict, the workload is tremendous, and many students don’t even get enough sleep, so there’s no surprise that they don’t have enough time to write their papers. Unfortunately, educators fail to address this problem in any way, and yet they continue to accuse students of cheating and punish them for it. Is this ethical?

Bottom Line

No matter how educators react to students buying their papers online, students will keep doing it, and the reason is that educators don’t leave students any other option. Students who purchase their essays on the internet are not lazy or dumb. They are exhausted by the enormous workload. They don’t get enough sleep, and they often have to choose between writing their papers and working so that they can pay for education.

The main reason why writing services are so popular is that educators fail to adjust the workload and requirements to the needs of their students, and if educators think that writing services are a problem, it’s up to them to fix it.

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