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5 Jobs in the Dental Field You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

You know about dentists and dental hygienists. But, do you know about Jobs in the dental field?

Yet what about all the other professions in the dental field? Did you know you could get a degree in dental research or education? How about an engineer?

All these jobs in the dental field and many other choices could be your next field of study and profession of choice. Read more about 5 of these unknown occupations to help you decide your future.

1. Dental Education

One of the least known dentist occupations in the world is that of a teacher in the dental field. Future dentists have to learn about the field somewhere, and if you feeling the calling toward teaching, this could be the job for you. 

These can be very stable jobs, as well as offer variety like a university professor or a smaller teaching opportunity as a consultant.

2. Dental Assisting

No, assisting isn’t the same as a dental hygienist position. When you get your diploma in dental assisting, you’ll work to assist the dentist, the hygienists, and the patients.

You’ll help prepare rooms and calm patients, as well as work in the lab. You also learn how to sterilize and disinfect equipment and how to keep records. If you’re looking at a job in the dental field, this may be a perfect choice.

3. Research Jobs in the Dental Field

As with any scientific field, the dentistry field is constantly evolving and changing with new research that surfaces. What if you could be part of the cutting edge updates to help patients?

You could work for dental brands as well as research companies, developing new products, or work as a statistician. You’ll spend a lot of time learning before starting out in this career.

4. Dental Engineering

One of the most interesting dentistry positions is that of a technical engineer. Who do you think creates the machines that create 3D images of your tooth? What about the machines that craft the crown you’re about to have installed?

The amazing tools dentists use were designed by technical engineers, a fulfilling field for anyone with a penchant for robotics, computers, and mechanics.

5. Laboratory Technician

Of all the dentistry professions, working in the lab is one with extremely delicate work. You’ll create appliances like crowns, bridges, and dentures. You could also help make other types of ceramics.

While this position only requires a high school diploma, there are also technical schools that help you get the right certification.

A New Career

Now that you know a little more about jobs in the dental field, you’ll be able to consider where you want to go. Knowing your path helps you choose the right school and educational classes to get the job you want.

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From working in the lab to engineering and research, the world is at your fingertips with a little curiosity and a lot of passion.

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