Friday, 24 May 2024
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The Real Value of Persistence and Self-confidence in Success

The concept of Success is vital for every human. For everyone, Success means something different. There is no single correct opinion about its ingredients. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that thanks to these concepts, an individual feels fulfilled and happy. The path to Success is often thorny, and not many are aware of this. Also, reading notes about other people’s success stories, hearing about the promotion of acquaintances or friends often provokes thoughts that this is mere luck. We never think about incredible efforts, sleepless nights, persistence on the way to achieving the goal; we focus on the result. The moment of Success is the tip of the iceberg, and with the correct perception of reality, any thinking person is aware of the complexity of this process.

The question is not to find a magic wand that will turn you into a successful person in one move. The secret lies in the daily effort, work, and perseverance. On the way to Success, there can be many temporary failures and defeats, which is by no means a reason to give up. Sometimes you can knock on a closed-door a hundred times, but if you are confident in your desire, the following intent may be successful.

The secret to success is often hidden in the details and in choosing the right approach. This tactic is consonant with the work of an essay writer who, with the help of correctly chosen words, can convey the idea and engage the reader.

In many cases, success stories begin in college. And today, we want to share a list of inspiring stories to show you the importance of will and stamina to climb the mountain of success.

Elon Musk

We decided to give the palm to the main newsmaker of the new century, Elon Musk. Born in South Africa, he was bullied as a child. Yet, he’s successfully graduated from an Ivy League university and became one of the most outstanding and controversial personalities, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. His bold ideas were often questioned, but at the same time, he persisted in achieving his goals.

He tried his luck in online financial services, launched a software company, and was one of the co-founders of PayPal. He dedicated his energies to engineering and gained worldwide recognition. His aerospace research and technological achievements have become an integral part of the scientific process and technological advances. The SpaceX rocket developed by his team allows the delivery of the necessary equipment to the international space station at a lower cost. A Starlink project aims to provide global internet access by launching 120 satellites to the planet orbit. By his example, Elon Musk shows that the most daring ideas can become a reality if you believe in it and make every effort.

Mark Zuckerberg

Another talented person who changed the world of communication is Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook and Instagram. His social networks are the most popular applications in the world. It all started with a passion for computer programming. Born in a well-educated family from New York, he had excellent starting opportunities to become successful. Nevertheless, on his way, he faced various challenges that strengthened his character and helped to reach the goal.

Brian Chesky

The majority often takes skeptically successful ideas, and Brian Chesky knows it firsthand. The co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, a peer to peer logging service, faced unprecedented doubts when launching his platform. But faith in the idea and the desire to give people emotions took their toll. His business had a screaming success, and the platform became one of the most popular websites to search for vocational accommodation. The innovative idea of cheap logging in the houses of local hosts seemed weird. Thus, this unique experience gained the niche and opened access to cheap travels to many people.

Jack Dorsey

Sometimes unexpected ideas can turn into a significant business. Programmer and pioneer of microblogging Jack Dorsey established Twitter. From childhood, he showed persistence in solving the problems. For example, he participated in oratory competitions to fix speech problems. His first programming experience consisted in creating a platform for taxi dispatching and firefighting services. Later, he decided to create a tool that allows people to share their minds via texting. Last decade Twitter gained unpredictable power and sometimes is used as a dangerous political weapon in the hands of populists. Thus, with the team, Jack Dorsey develops new security protocols to detect and delete false information.

Daniel Ek

Daniel Ek, CEO at Spotify. The way to Success of this guy started when he was 14. A young entrepreneur designed websites for clients from his home. He enrolled сollege but couldn’t complete the career. Nonetheless, at the age of 18, he managed to create a team and manage 25 programmers doing websites remotely. This business helped him to earn starting capital and bring to life a project of his dreams. Spotify is a massive database and music streaming service that discourages piracy providing a cheap alternative. This example shows that you may need to complete various missions to achieve a goal. The main thing is not to doubt the result and have a formulated plan and understanding of further actions.

We also made a list of TIPS that will help you understand your vocation and create your own success story:

  • Be critical and focused;
  • Surround yourself with like-minded and motivated people;
  • Don’t be afraid to face challenges. Instead, treat them like the opportunities to broaden your horizon;
  • Take failures and obstacles as an additional lesson to learn and a chance to upgrade skills;
  • Your actions should advance your goals. Verify that your short-term plans match the perspective of your future development plan.