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How to Write a Resume If You Have No Experience

Job search is a stressful period for any applicant, especially if you have no experience. In order to gain it, you need to land a job, and to do this, you need experience. This vicious circle scares all students and college graduates. However, lack of experience is no reason to miss your chance to get a dream job.

A responsible approach to resume writing will set you apart from the crowd of competitors. Of course, writing business requires time and effort, and lots of young people simply don’t have that. So, if you catch yourself thinking If only someone could write my resume for me, turning to experienced professionals for help is a great solution. Yet, if you want to know all the ins and outs of writing a resume yourself, read on.

How to Write a Resume If You Have No Experience

Gather Information

First and foremost, make a list of companies you want to work for. Explore the websites of organizations you are interested in, read about job openings. Also, pay attention to the company’s blog or social media – posts describing corporate culture or recent events will give you an insight into what it’s like working for them.

Each job description usually includes the requirements for the candidate. Study them carefully. There can be lots of things: from proficiency in a particular foreign language or specific programs to strong organizational skills and the ability to manage priorities.

Now, you can compare your knowledge and key skills with those mentioned in the list. If at least half of them match, then this job may be promising for you. However, if your skills are not enough, you can master them at least at a basic level. There are many educational platforms out there – you will definitely find a resource with suitable courses.

What to Write About?

Even if you don’t have the required work experience, you have something different to offer – and that is a life experience. It’s the big moments and highlights of your life that you need to be focused on. After all, you went to high school, then probably spent several years at the university or college and attended various events.

Maybe, you took online courses and participated in student life. In addition, hobbies and college accomplishments can also tell a recruiter a lot about you. For example, that you are enthusiastic, highly motivated and curious. Thus, there is a lot to emphasize in your resume.

Your Education

Basically, this section is the most important one for those with no work experience. Use it to demonstrate all your talents and achievements in detail. You should definitely mention:

  • Accomplishments in competitions and championships;
  • Publications in scientific journals or student newspapers;
  • Participation in conferences, meetings and forums;
  • Internships and exchange programs;
  • Taking part in clubs and societies.

Such activity will demonstrate to your future employer that you are an inquisitive person, keen on the chosen direction and willing to learn new things. It also indicates that you have leadership qualities and good communication skills.

Moreover, write about projects, subjects, or your thesis, if they relate to the company’s activity. This way, the hiring manager can assess the level of your theoretical knowledge. Don’t forget to mention additional courses, lectures, seminars and webinars that improved your qualifications. If your GPA is high – don’t hesitate to include it in the education section, as well.

Unrelated Activities?

It may be surprising, but even if experience seems irrelevant to you, it can still help the recruiters learn more about your personality traits. Here are some examples of how it looks in practice:

  • If a candidate is a captain of a college football team – they have developed leadership skills and get along with people really well. Thus, they can be trusted with the organization of a small event or another important task;
  • Educational trips planner: this employee is able to organize a corporate event, gather people together and negotiate with them. This person can find solutions in difficult situations and resolve conflicts – these are perfect skills for a future manager and team leader;
  • Admissions office assistant: stress management is this applicant’s strength. They are able to communicate with a huge number of people all day, do several things at once and follow instructions clearly. Such a candidate can also be good at time management and multitasking.

Thus, you should definitely represent experiences that you may have considered unimportant. Feel free to mention any activity that will tell the recruiter something useful about you. This will increase your chances to land an interview, even if you don’t have experience in its traditional sense.

Unrelated Activities

Cover Letter

It’s no secret that recruiters spend no more than a couple of minutes (or even seconds) looking at one resume. Besides, more and more companies use ATS bots to scan CVs. Therefore, drawing the recruiter’s attention becomes a tough task, but a cover letter can save the day.

A cover letter shouldn’t be trivial, although many applicants fill it with faceless clichés. Try to think outside the box and don’t retell your resume. Focus on what sets you apart from other candidates. Briefly state what job you are applying for, where did you find out about it, why you think you deserve to be employed, and also show your desire to take a specific position in this company.

Remember that a hiring manager can turn a blind eye to the lack of experience if your motivation letter is outstanding and sincere.

In addition, you can film a short video about yourself. It will also help you to impress the recruiters and employers, too. A video resume is an amazing way to present yourself in an original way and show that creativity is your strength.

To Wrap It Up

When writing a resume, emphasize your skills and personal qualities. Show that you are a versatile individual, full of enthusiasm to put the gained knowledge into practice.

While you are looking for a job, you can also focus on volunteering or internships. Volunteer for an event related to your professional field, visit a themed forum, or a seminar. There, you will definitely make new contacts, or even get to know the future employer in person. This can be a wonderful opportunity to tell them about your aspirations and motivation.


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