Friday, 19 Jul 2024

Neural Networks in Business: Advantages and Prospects of Theneurosphere

Neural network uses are growing in a wide range of industries and market sectors.

Many famous companies use artificial intelligence in their software, it really expands the capabilities of the software, making it more advanced and smarter. But software belongs to the field of information technologies. Could artificial intelligence gain benefits in any other area? Neural networks. Today, neural networks are used in various spheres. The neural network works in the same way as the neurons in our brain. Neurons enable us to think and make decisions, be creative, and so on. At the moment, machines cannot compete with the human brain. They can help you to find something or give advice, but they cannot replace a human who assists.

Some companies rely on artificial intelligence, from big tech players to new-age software platforms and leading chip manufacturers.

Among them is Theneurosphere LLC which was established on November 10, 2015, in Belize. It was created by experts in machine learning for the commercial use of neural networks. In 2016, the beta function of the decentralized machine learning network was implemented. This company plays a big role in creating the AI future.

Why did deep learning become the solution to certain problems?

The point is that if the model has a lot of parameters, then it can generalize the results well to new data. The number of parameters can be equal to the number of examples. For the same reason, classical ML has long resisted the pressure of neural networks – it seems that nothing good should come of it in this situation.

Development of languages and frameworks for machine learning. What’s next?

People have been working on frameworks for a long time, where systems are literally formed from Lego bricks: a couple of connectors and you have business analytics. It seems, that in machine learning there will always be a balance between low-level and high-level code: no one writes models using pure NumPy anymore and most people use high-level frameworks. But, Theneurosphere and conversational systems have almost the entire spectrum.

The plans and goals of Theneurosphere

The company plans a lot, it all depends on how quickly the world of neural networks and artificial intelligence develops.

First of all, it is the decentralization of neural networks around the world, how to do this is now discussed within the walls of the company’s laboratories. So far, a lot of time and effort has been devoted to beta testing. Of course, large-scale plans also need very experienced and advanced allies, the company is looking for them now.

Obviously, the possibilities of artificial neural networks seem to be infinite, and they really are. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Maybe AI will be everywhere.


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