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7 Most Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

When you are a student, you often face the reality of challenges. Mostly, these challenges come in the form of essay writing mistakes. They are the exact causes of essays getting rejected and reasons for the worsening relations between you and your teacher. 

When you don’t want to be this type of unlucky person, you need to be brave and ask somebody, “write an essay for me,” or read our guide on the most common essay writing mistakes. Our article also presents handy tips on how to handle these difficulties and take your writing to new heights! 

1. Overloaded sentences

While writing an essay, remember that briefly expressing your thoughts is your best friend. Nobody likes long sentences with complex phrases and overwhelming scholarly definitions. If you want your essay to look more substantial, try to find your unique idea and describe it in simple but understandable words. 

Especially if you are an international student and English is your second language, you can easily avoid overwhelming passages. Furthermore, difficult wording distracts the reader from the main idea of your text. 

2. Missing structure

Usually, every essay’s structure is standard and consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Each of these parts has its outline, and before starting your writing, you’d better get acquainted with them. For example, an introduction should include a hook, prompt, and thesis statement. You can finalize your intro with an outline sentence where you shortly describe your research method and how many parts reveal your topic.

When you move to the body paragraphs, make sure that you start them with topic sentences. Each section of your body also needs evidence and a linking statement. In conclusion, students need to restate the thesis, repeat the topic’s frame, and summarize the arguments. 

3. Ignorance of instructions

Your teacher definitely will not like you disregarding the requirements. Follow your essay instructions; otherwise, you will need to rewrite it from scratch. Find out everything you need from your teacher before the writing process begins. 

Get deeper into the details about the formatting style, essay topic, type of essay, deadline, number of pages, and list of references or recommended literature. Also, don’t be afraid of asking your classmates and teacher any questions. This will clarify everything in time!

4. Accidental plagiarism

Nobody wants to be caught reusing someone’s content, but students often step on the same rake twice. For making your essay unique, you should not only do proper research but also check your citations. Always add quotes according to the formatting style you use in your essay, and don’t underestimate additional resources. 

For example, you can use video bloggers’ interviews, articles concerning your essay topic, documents, archives, and other sources instead of the often overused recommended literature. Moreover, always check your text in special plagiarism checkers before giving it to the teacher. The most popular among students are Unicheck, PlagScan, Plagramme, and PlagTracker

5. Inappropriate writing style

If you want your essay to sound more professional, you should use the right tone for it. Before you start writing, find out more about your essay type, and strictly follow the recommendations concerning the specific genre. Avoid being too casual in academic texts, especially the use of slang words. 

Usually, students should write an essay from the third person and avoid using “me” and “I” pronouns. Prepare stylistic devices and discuss them with your teacher or a more experienced student in advance. It will help you to limit the revisions and make the general tone of your essay sharper.

6. A lot of typos

Concerning this common mistake, all students need to read their papers several times while editing. There are a couple of check-ups that show you the real situation with grammatical and spelling errors. Even the most acknowledged students are unable to notice apparent flaws.

Therefore, we recommend asking someone to read your essay and help you with editing. A fresh eye is always helpful and can save even the most successful student from rejections. Use such services as Grammarly, Hemingway App, or Ginger to make corrections by yourself.

7. Lack of time

Students make a lot of incredible mistakes while rushing. Consequently, starting your essay in advance can play a central role in getting positive results. When you need to fit in the deadline, you’d better plan your writing process in concise steps. 

Prepare everything you need for efficient research and build an essay structure at first. Make one draft and be ready to revise it. When you define the essay’s topic and main idea, it will be easier to see the big picture and be on time with your paper. 

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Finally, don’t underestimate your possibilities, and remember that making mistakes is a necessary step towards getting better college results! Feel the freedom to write about anything you like and choose a fascinating topic for yourself. When you are passionate about your writing, it shows in your work, and the reader will feel more engaged.

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