Friday, 24 May 2024

Writing a Research Paper: What If You Need an Extension?

So you need an extension for your research paper. The good news is that most college and university professors are happy to grant expansions on students’ projects. But the question is – how can you ask for one to ensure you will get it?

Before you approach your professor, make sure to review the assignment or check the syllabus. The majority of college professors tend to provide information on extensions either in the course syllabus or in the list of paper writing instructions. As a rule, policies on research paper extensions tend to vary.

How to Ask College Professor to Grant a Paper Extension

On the other hand, some professors never let students get an extension without explaining the reasons. If your mentor is one of them, all you can do is try to meet the deadline.

When it comes to asking for an extension, it’s better to use email. Thus, you will have the so-called paper trail of your initial message and your mentor’s response.

Tips to Boost Your Chances of Getting an Extension

If you ensure to approach your professor as early as possible in the term, you’re more likely to secure an extension. For instance, if you know that at the beginning of the college semester that you have to write four papers that are due the same day, ensure to get in touch with your professor to ask for an extension.

Besides, if any emergency pops up, approach your professors ASAP. Let your instructor know what happened to you and explain what exactly it is that you need. Are you in need of an indefinite extension? Or, perhaps, you’re looking for a 2-days extension? It’s no doubt that your instructor will more likely agree to give you an extension if it is short.

Tips and tricks to ask a college professor for a paper extension:

  • Check the assignment or syllabus
  • Approach your professors ASAP
  • Use email to get in touch with an instructor
  • Choose to ask for a short extension
  • Show how committed you are to the class

It is important to demonstrate that you’re not just looking for someone to provide you with more time to cope with the research paper. After all, that’s just partly true. Make sure to show how committed you are to the class by providing a rough draft of your project in the extension request. Find out if it’s possible to come to the office to talk about the extension face-to-face.

Always be engaged in the class, using every other opportunity to show your interest and commitment.

Finally, never offer an excuse. Always offer the right solution. When you know you’re in trouble, it is important to take responsibility for the situation and provide a solution instead of an excuse. The reality is that your instructor will be there for you if you offer the best solution in your current situation. Has your laptop crashed all of a sudden? Submit the rough draft and apologize for it. It’s no doubt your professor will work with you by providing you with some extra time to accomplish the final document. Also Read – College Paper Formatting Guide

What If I Don’t Get Extension on My Paper?

The majority of college professors happily grant extensions on academic papers. After all, we’re all human, with family issues and jobs outside of class. However, sometimes instructors refuse without any particular reason. So what if you’re the one who heard no to your extension request?

If it is just hours or a couple of days before the deadline, ensure to check the late penalty. This will help you to decide what way to go – rush to meet the deadline or hand in the project late. Keep in mind that it is important to submit the best quality piece in order to avoid problems. However, college instructors understand that many undergrads are working their way through higher education, and will likely land you a helping hand.

If you’re stuck with your work and in need of professional help, it is better to approach someone competent to deal with research papers. The process is quite simple: you browse online sources, choose the most suitable one and place your order. A lot of undergrads wonder, “Will they do my research paper for me on time?” Online experts can work under time pressure, which means they can do the job right on time. If you want to avoid asking for an extension on a research paper, let competent writers deal with your assignment. You will pay a moderate price and get your work done within the deadline.