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A Useful Guide for New College Graduates: The COVID-19 Job Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty to most people — though perhaps none more so than college graduates. If you are a college graduate or soon-to-be graduate, you are likely confused about the next steps in your life.

A new college graduate certainly couldn’t predict graduating into a COVID-19 job market to start their career.

If you want to make sure you secure a job and are prepared for the post-pandemic world, here’s what you should know:

1. Prepare Your Portfolio

Once you graduate you must first prepare your portfolio to show a prospective employer. First, order several copies of your official transcript. If you owe money, there are ways to still order your transcript.

Next, you want to prepare a resume and a portfolio if applicable. Your resume should show that you are a college graduate. It should also outline your work and volunteer experience.

While this might not always be needed, get at least two letters of recommendation from anyone who can advocate for your work. This can be your college professors, existing employers, or the president of a college organization you were part of.

2. Create Your Own Work

Many college students use internships as a step up to their careers. With the pandemic, you have to create your own work. Regardless of your experience, one cannot guarantee to land an entry-level position with this pandemic.

You can start by freelancing. For example, if you studied Marketing, you can create a social media profile where you market some of your favorite products. If you studied Accounting, offer bookkeeping services to individuals and small businesses.

Make sure to include this experience on your resume. Creating your own work shows an employer that you kept busy during the pandemic. It shows that you didn’t take the easy route of waiting in vain — as many of your fellow college graduates might do.

3.  Network With Other College Graduates

Much of your time in college will involve networking with industry professionals. This should continue, but you want to ensure that you network with college graduates as well.

It’s easy to lose touch after graduation, but you never know how a fellow classmate could help you in your career. Connect with as many students in your department as on your LinkedIn account and keep in touch with them.

If you hear of an opportunity, make sure to share it with them. While this might bring competition to a job you want, this ensures that they will look out for you as well.

You should also use this time to share resources with your fellow college graduates. For example, if you’ve read a book that helps with professional development share the title with others. If you are attending a virtual seminar, make sure to invite your fellow college graduates.

The more you share, the more others will want to share with you. If you help others, you can expect them to help you.

Keep Going College Graduates

College graduates are feeling more anxious than ever in the COVID-19 job market. But if you and your fellow new college graduates follow the steps in this guide, you’ll manage to secure a great job during these uncertain times.

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