Wednesday, 10 Apr 2024

Step-by-Step Guide to Write Essays on Time

One of the worst enemies of all students is time. It appears in a disguise called the deadline. Every academic assignment has a strict deadline or time limit, which you cannot violate. Otherwise, students lose most or even all possible grades. Consequently, it’s important to be a quick and smart writer.

Many students fail to finish their assignments before their time runs out. As a result, some of them leave cries for help similar to “How can I write my essay on time?” We can help you in several ways. If you feel there is no time left, use the professional assistance of a credible writing platform. One of the best variants is to hire a professional writer at It’s a trustworthy essay writing company, which enjoys great success thanks to high-quality services. Its specialists will help to manage any essay on time.

Another way is to read our informative guide. It consists of two efficacious methods of writing. They have their own advantages, which ensure a fast accomplishment of your essays regardless of their type, discipline, or/and topic.

Table of Contents

Method #1

Here is the first method you may apply to manage your essays quickly.

  1. Develop a plan. Your first step is to make a plan for the entire process of writing. Accordingly, you shouldn’t simply consider the writing process. It’s necessary to take into account other assignments you’re assigned, your routine duties, and the time when you relax.
  2. Select your topic. The second step makes you select an appropriate topic. It should be currently relevant and important for the anticipated audience. Focus on something meaningful and discuss it from an uncommon viewpoint or provide an effective solution if your topic is some important and yet unsolved problem.
  3. Consider your thesis statement. Depending on your topic, try to predict what your thesis statement or main argument should be. Your main question may have several themes for discussions. Stick to a definite viewpoint and write your essays and thesis.
  4. Your research is dependent on the topic and writing strategy you have selected. Seek all the available information sources, which are both printed and digital. Online searching is much faster.  Verify the information sources you intend to use in your assignment.
  5. Create an outline. The next step is to craft an outline. It’s supposed to include your writing stages, which are a thesis statement, introduction, main body, conclusion, and references. Choose the sequence of actions, which are convenient for you.
  6. Assess every writing stage. Try to predict how much time each would take. Set realistic deadlines to meet your time restrictions.
  7. Write and edit. When you begin to write essays, don’t try to finish everything at once. People who are in a hurry, commonly make many mistakes. After you complete any writing section, quickly scan and edit it to speed up.
  8. The final step is to proofread your final essay version. Check grammar, spelling, word choice, etc. Use plagiarism-, spell- and grammar-checking applications to fulfill it faster.

Method #2

The second approach is sometimes similar to the first. It’s inevitable because students ought to perform certain steps, which are required to accomplish the assignments on time and according to the academic requirements. Let’s check another way of writing essays fast.

  • Choose a relevant topic.
  • Brainstorm the ideas related to your topic.
  • Create a diagram or mind map of your ideas.
  • Seek facts according to your ideas.
  • Make a plan of writing (the introduction, main plot, and conclusion).
  • Cut the unnecessary actions.
  • Explain the connections and transitions to every next section.
  • Craft a thesis statement.
  • Write the first draft.
  • Write the second draft.
  • Revise the final version twice.

This approach doesn’t contain detailed explanations because its main steps are obvious. Besides, they interlink with the first approach. Everything is quite simple to comprehend. Choose a good topic, write down all the concepts related to it and base your research on them. Your plan is supposed to strategically divide the time required to fulfill the main sections of your writing. Make sure you know what to write, where, and how to implement it into the text. Be logical and concise. Write two quick drafts and attentively review them to avoid mistakes.

Memorize these two methods to write essays. They help to escape procrastination because you’ll be targeted only at the most important steps of writing. Thus, you’ll quickly accomplish any essay type and won’t violate your deadlines.